Posted to by @todayboy, the infectious dog in the clip sparks some wonderful discussion. “Ubers in 2050,” writes the creator of the video. “This is so impressive!” says @crysmacs. “I’ve been training mine wrong!” exclaims @g8torlawgirl. “I can see Snoop Dog enjoying this Uber ride,” imagines @tenchimizushi. “Until a squirrel runs out there!” notes @awynter62. “Good,” remarks @nikkitadequeens. “My dog can drive himself to the park.” “It’s all fun and games,” writes @swaggymart. “Till he takes off without you cause you said no treats.” “Perfect designated drivers!” says @itzmariajuana. “They’d pass a Florida driving test!” suggests @remmytheoldpuppy. Video watcher @just.a.youngin gets the final word: “His homies aren’t going to believe him when he says he drove a car,” he predicts. Recommended For You

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