But when we are heads-down on our daily tasks, we need some time to focus. So how do we manage this particular quandary? The below video, posted on TikTok by @dailypaws, offers some great tips and the adorable dog is totally engaged.


“If your dog is as needy as mine, we’ve got just the trick!” writes the creator of the video. “I hug my dog until they want to go away,” says @lizardking195. “My dog is very old so he doesn’t really do any thing but lay down near me or someone else working or doing school work,” remarks @..____nothinghere…. User @the_star_wars_dude says, “I just give my dog a sock and when I come back it’s gone.” “Let him inside of the blanket while I’m in class and pet him. He knocks out,” claims @jeidyarios. “Now they need something for clingy cats,” declares @mooshthepersiancat. Viewer of the video @fr4nk01 offers advice about the more being the merrier: “I have 4 dogs, so I leave them in the garden and they play all together,” he discloses. User @savingsforssummer writes, “My dog doesn’t need those. All he wants to do is lay down but only runs at the dog park and I walk with my dog every day.” Every dog has a unique personality. If yours needs some extra stimulation while you WFH, we hope you find these tips to be helpful!