You can Download Advance Download Manager 5.1.2 apk for your Android from here. It is a free and light app that won’t be too heavy on your phone’s battery. The features are powerful yet decent and simplified. Downloading speed is amazing with additional accelerated downloading. And there are alot of other features that makes it awesome and popular. I will further tell you some effective features of this download manager below.

This app is a powerful download manager. Some important features include, So, these were some pretty good features of Advanced Download Manager 5.1.2 apk. You can download it manually via apk file. Just click on the link below to download the apk file and after that you can install it. Installation instructions are explained below as well.

Download Advanced Download Manager 5.1.2 Apk

Download: Advanced Download Manager 5.1.2 apk

Installation Instructions

Download the file from above link. On your phone head over to Settings»Security and enable Unknown Sources option. Now go back and open the download folder where the file is downloaded. Tap on it and install the package. Done, Launch it from Apps drawer.

There you go. You can installed Advanced Download Manager 5.1.2 apk on your phone. If you have any questions, comment below. Please share it and subscribe. Follow us on. Twitter,Facebook and Google+.