Uploaded by TikTok user @indoordronetours, the video provokes some discussion in the comments. “This was a crazy moment,” writes the creator of the video @indoordronetours. “No birds or drones harmed, thankfully.” “What in the world?” asks @johnparkerbach incredulously. “Always one of my fears when my drone is far away from me,” admits commenter @rizo52. “A bird in the sky?” jokes @rob.h16. “Shocking!” “I’ve had some birds of prey circle mine,” says @jayradg24. “But never had a strike.” “Pigeons always attack my drone,” complains @waddell_engineering. “My mini fell out of the sky last summer,” says @shaunmacl. “Pretty sure a bird got it. Wish I had been recording. Flying fine, then green, blue, green, blue, green, blue, smack.” “Bird strike. Mayday, mayday, mayday,” writes @dunkman54 melodramatically. Viewer of the video @duffies91 offers some flying advice. “Birds are the worst, bro. Kick the stick to gain altitude and go evasive.” Recommended for you

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