Create Docker Container

Alpine Linux is also available in Docker container from its official team, Run the following command to pull the latest release of Alpine Linux. For more details visit docker hub. If you don’t have Docker installed on Your system, visit our tutorials to install Docker on Debian systems and Redhat systems.

Alpine Linux – Features and Upgrades

New features introduced in Alpine Linux 3.6.0

Support for 64-bit little-endian POWER machines (ppc64le) Support for 64-bit IBM z Systems (s390x) Rust 1.17.0 and Cargo 0.18.0 GHC 8.0.2 Julia 0.5.2

The following packages has been upgraded in this release,

GCC 6.3 LLVM 4.0 PHP 7.1 Go 1.8 Python 3.6 LuaJIT 2.1beta3 nginx 1.12 Ruby 2.4

Visit the Alpine Linux 3.6.2 official release page for more details.