Presumably because we’re at the end of our collective ropes when it comes to the ultimate question, we’ve turned to artificial intelligence (AI) for the answer … or at least just some fun. This TikToker decided to ask an AI art drawing app “what God looks like,” and the results are simply out of this world.


What shocks us the most is that all three depictions of what this AI has surmised as “God” for the TikToker known as GerroDesign have no discernible face. But, when you break down how AI art apps work, it begins to make a bit more sense. AI drawing apps basically take search queries, like “what does God look like,” and applies them to a massive data set of real-life internet image searches and their results. The AI compiles these results into what’s essentially an amalgamation of the search results that best match the initial query it received — in this case, “what does God look like?” So, the cosmic nature of these images makes complete sense, especially the soul-like nature of the second image. As for why these depictions of God might not have faces, it’s likely because of a lack of cohesion across the cultures of the world as to what a “god” is. For instance, while western religions are largely well-depicted (and frankly commercialized) by artists’ impressions, large expanses of Asia are largely populated by religions that have either more alien-like depictions of their gods or little to none at all. Regardless, it makes for quite the image to live rent-free in your head for a while — you’re welcome.