Finally, someone has asked an artificial intelligence to draw something, well, happy. In fact, this TikToker really went for it by asking this AI to draw “the happiest day on Earth.” The results are sure to leave you feeling better about the world … well, at least the digital world.


When asked to draw the happiest day on Earth, the AI managed to create some honestly heartwarming, reaffirming images. Thanks to TikToker AI Overload for sharing some positivity out there. We’re not quite certain where this imagery came from specifically, but we can rest assured that quite a few of us on this Earth agree what the happiest day would look like. Here’s what the viewers are thinking of this AI’s vision of the happiest day. “First pic looks like god returning,” one commenter said. “Man, this just looks like a fantasy,” another commenter added. “Happiness and peace on earth was one week in the summer of 2016 when all of humanity was playing Pokémon Go,” a commenter said, echoing many others. “I never met so many strangers in my life.” It’s interesting that this is a throughline for many folks on TikTok — the early days of Pokémon Go must have been truly special for many people. And finally, this sourpuss asked, “What about the saddest day on Earth?” Begone with this negativity! We have happier days to aspire to here.