The latest evidence of that is this AI that was able to generate a gorgeous piece of moving artwork that’s reminiscent of Ah Ha’s “Take On Me” music video. Watch this and try not to be mesmerized by the moving art.


Posted by a TikTok account known as CognitiveSources, the video lasts for quite a while, as far as animation is concerned, creating procedurally generated images that are just beautiful to behold. Apparently, the user simply asked the AI to make an animated music video out of the lyrics to a song, and this was the incredibly … accurate result. How are the viewers reacting? “We need this to be the official music video,” one viewer said. “Woah that audio brought me back in time,” another viewer reflected. “I NEED to see the full video,” another viewer demanded. “DO THIS WITH ECLIPSE FROM PINK FLOYD PLESE I BEG YOU,” another viewer begged. Honestly, considering the amount of incredible classic rock songs with no video accompaniment, we too would love to see this trick applied to bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and more. Recommended for you

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