But now … now we’re getting into an even more strange level of creation, with AIs recreating cartoon characters as if they were real people. The latest to enjoy this trend is the cast of the adult cartoon “King of the Hill,” and the results are shockingly … good?


Posted by Milan Jaram to TikTok, this AI managed to make some drawings of these cartoon characters that we might actually accept as some weird 3D remake of the show. However, the ironic outlier here is Hank, who is rendered without any eyeballs, oddly enough. (AI drawing apps have a rough time with eyes and hands, apparently.) Save for that, almost every other drawing makes complete sense — it’s actually kind of surprising. “Bobby is pretty spot on,” one commenter said. “Bill as well.” “WHY IS PEGGY SO ACCURATE,” another commenter seemingly yelled out, likely freaked out by the sight. “Jesus Christ, I think they all used to live in my neighborhood in Texas, lmao,” a commenter chimed in with. “Yikes.” And finally, our favorite hot take: “Peggy look like Mrs. Doubtfire.” Also true! Recommended for you

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