“What would the world look like without humans?” However, the results are also … oddly beautiful. That fact alone is lovely to look at, but then the truth of it hits you — hard.


Thanks to AICreatesArtwork on TikTok, we now know that the Earth would look like … a practical oasis of life without human interference. This, of course, is the result of an AI digesting a massive sample of internet searches and results, and then associating the words in the query with what is most commonly returned in related search results. So, this is more what we collectively think or assume than what is actually true or what this AI “thinks”. At any rate, if this is what everyone thinks the world will look like without us, then that should be enough to get us going to make this beautiful, better world a reality. For instance: “The worst part is that it’s truth,” one commenter said. Now, here’s the thing: there’s no way of knowing whether this is the truth. This is just what an AI drawing app depicted based on what we’ve collectively put out there on the internet. “Guys, this video is a message,” one commenter sagely pointed out. “We need to make this viral to put some sense in our minds and start saving our planet before it’s too late.”