Times like these drive us to ask the ultimate, unanswerable question: where do we go when we die? So, someone had the bright idea to ask an artificial intelligence this question in an AI drawing app. The AI’s answers are … divisive, to say the least.


That’s right, according to this AI questioned by TikToker Mari_AI_Art, the queen is already ruling over the fiery chasms of Hell and its legion of demons. Loyalists probably aren’t happy about this, whereas dissenters are either tickled by the drawings or think to themselves, “Looks about right.” “So, she went home…” one viewer joked. “That’s not Heaven is all I can say,” another commenter pointed out. “It’s everyone she killed that’s in the background,” a commenter chimed in with, which probably isn’t far off the mark. “She went exactly where we think she did,” another commenter said. OK, so the ratio between loyalists and dissenters might be more than a bit skewed, but hey, we can’t control the will of the people. Apparently, neither can the monarchy. Recommended for you

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