That’s right, you get some seriously disturbing stuff to look at. In fact, one of the images riffs on classic paintings of Satan that somehow look even scarier now.


Thanks to a TikTok channel named simply “Artificial Intelligence” for posting this video … we guess. It’s weird saying thank you for nightmare fuel. However, did you catch the AI painting with the white-and-gray-heavy backdrop with what looks like a devil? That’s a riff on several classic paintings of demons and devils throughout history. Oddly enough, a commenter claims that this “[third] one is a Slayer album cover,” but we haven’t been able to verify looking at each one of the band’s album covers. We also appreciate the first image that is shown in the video, which weirdly resembles a film poster for movie theaters with the word “hell” written in a spooky font. “Bro, the first one looks like it was about to say, ‘Hell, the new movie coming soon in theaters near you,’” another commenter joked — to great effect with us at least. Finally this commenter is vibing with us big time after watching too many apocalyptic AI TikToks. “Can [it] do nice things too? Like perfection? Or love?” a commenter asked. Thank you! Exactly. Can’t we just get some pleasant AI drawings? We all need more positivity these days.