This time, an artificial intelligence was asked to draw what the soul looks like. Naturally, the AI found ways to make even this wholesome query feel weird, but overall it produced some truly heartwarming pieces.


Thanks to GerroDesign for yet another fantastic set of AI-generated art. We’re particularly enamored with the third and fourth images. What’s interesting is how the images are arranged — it makes it look as if it’s an evolution of the soul into some omnipotent being made of light. Of course, the AI has to make things weird at the start. We imagine that’s due to how these AI drawing apps work. They ingest a large data set of image search terms and their results, using that to fill in the blanks of your unique query to create amalgamated, but original images. There’s probably quite a bit of variety out there in terms of the results that come back for these search terms worldwide — and thus some weirdness. Here’s what the viewers are saying. “We don’t have souls, brodie,” one commenter said. “Flesh and blood.” To which the video creator replied, “Many things have flesh and blood, what is our consciousness if not something spiritual?” This sparked quite a silly debate regarding whether anyone can proof whether the soul exists. All we’ll say is that it’s difficult to consider consciousness, the self that controls the body, without it being something separate from that body. Of course, no one truly knows.