For instance, these AIs are now being asked to draw abstract ideas rather than deliberate things or subjects — terms such as “fear” rather than “mountain” — and the results are more interesting and telling than ever. Like this AI that was asked to draw what different phobias look like, and its answers are unsettlingly strange and abstract.


First, the TikToker known as Lola Holliday AI asked the AI what acrophobia — the fear of heights — looks like, and its answers somehow come together to elicit that fear through the unknown depths below its rickety ladders. Next is arachnophobia, which is of course a fear of spiders, represented by a strange young woman’s head being weirdly consumed by or merged with a red spider. That’s followed by a grotesque, almost sloppy depiction of a gigantic spider. We think both of those do a pretty solid job of capturing the feelings of those two phobias. We’d love to see more phobias interpreted by AI art apps, but what do the viewers think? “The 2nd arachnophobia looks like the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things,” one commenter pointed out. On a related note, this tough guy commented, “How am I, an arachnophobe, not terrified?” “I missed it completely with the Acrophobia for me,” another commenter said, “This looks like fear of heaven or clouds instead of fear of heights, haha.” We respectfully disagree, but one consistency throughout the comments was the desire for more. So, we’ll be seeing plenty more of these spooky AI art pieces before long.