When the Watch4 was released in August of 2021, we looked into it, but ultimately decided we didn’t need to upgrade. There was nothing wrong with our watches and the features didn’t seem that different from what we already had. Fast forward eight months. There was still nothing wrong with our Watch 3s, but as we continued to read more about the features of the Watch4, we got more excited. I loved the idea of having more data for my fitness goals and the new sleep features were enticing, too. When Verizon ran a special on the watches in March, we decided to take advantage of the deal. We both wanted the Watch4 Classic, but my husband opted for the 46 mm in black while I chose the 42 mm in silver.

Unboxing, Features, and Specs

Like the previous watch, the Galaxy Watch4 is nestled in a sleek box. As soon as the top is removed, you’re greeted with a beautiful piece that looks more like a high-end designer watch than a device designed to aid you in your overall health and well-being. While I miss the look and feel of the leather band, the ridge sport band looks nice. The extra detail of the ridge dresses up the band and the fluoroelastomer material is gentler on my wrist than the silicone of previous models. Both the black and white look sharp.

Key Features and Specs

Advanced Health Tracking, including ECG, Sleep and Continuous SpO2, Body Composition Next Level Fitness Tracking, including more workouts, Advanced Run Coaching, VO2 Max, Live Coach Sessions, and Group Challenges with Friends Two sizes: 42mm and 46 mm Two colors: Black and Silver Five band styles Sleek design with Rotating Bezel Faster charging Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz Bluetooth v.5.0 Up to 40 hours run time

Pros and Cons

Right out of the gate, my husband and I noticed some stark differences with the Watch4 Classic. For one, updates specific to the watch need to be done on the watch, including apps. This can be a hassle, but the good news is you can enable auto-update for your Google Play Store apps on your watch through the settings within the app. As with the Watch 3, there are plenty of customization options for widgets and screens. However, it was a surprise to learn that the way in which you get watch faces has completely changed. No longer do you navigate to the Galaxy Store, instead, everything is now found within the Google Play Store. When we first purchased the watches, the pickings were slim. This was frustrating to learn, especially since the Watch4 had been out for eight months at that point. At the time of writing this review article, the selection has increased, but it is still limited. A pro to the Google Play Store partnership is how easy it is to search for and install apps for your watch. After typing in the search bar, there is a green drop down menu that allows you to refine your results to either your phone or your watch. Additionally, there are plenty of apps available to suit your lifestyle, for your individual needs, and to get the most out of your watch. Normally, when we get tech, my husband is the one who ends up with a device that doesn’t quite live up to expectations. This time around it was my turn. I’m currently on my second Watch4. Three weeks into having the watch, just days before our 30-day return window was up, my watch got stuck in a boot loop. It was on a Friday evening. I had taken my watch off and set it on the counter. As I picked it up to put it on the charger, it decided to restart on its own. From there, it vibrated and kept showing me the Samsung logo. I tried everything to get it back, but none of the tricks worked. The very advice I found on a YouTube video was the same process Verizon customer service walked me through during an online chat session. Luckily, we were able to take it into a Verizon store and I got a replacement. With any technology, there’s always a risk of getting a defective device. While this is most likely a rare occurrence, I did want to mention it here. It was frustrating to have my expensive watch stop working through no fault of my own less than 30 days after purchasing it. In the spirit of fairness, however, I will say my husband hasn’t had any issues with his. Further, it’s been two months with my new watch and it’s going strong. Knock on wood.

Fitness Tracker and Features

One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade to the Watch4 Classic was for the new and improved fitness features. My watch is a big part of my fitness routine, helping me track my workouts and keeping moving toward my fitness goals. There is a plethora of exercises, over 90, that you can add to your watch, all accessible and customizable right in the Samsung Health app. The feature I love most is Body Composition Analysis. All you have to do is enter your weight and touch the two buttons on the side with your middle fingers. The watch measures skeletal muscle, fat mass, body fat percentage, BMI, body water, and tells you your BMR. More information on that data is found within the Samsung Health app. This helps me stay accountable and keeps me focused on my fitness goals. As with the Watch 3, this one has auto-detect for physical activity, but I’ve turned this feature off on my Watch4 Classic to help save battery life. More on that below.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

This is the other feature that convinced us to upgrade our watches. My husband and I take sleep seriously and we are always trying to improve the quality of our sleep. The Watch4 offers sleep coaching, a four-week program that offers tips and insight into improving sleep habits. Another cool feature the watch offers is Snore Detection. Turning this on will allow your phone to record audio as you sleep to see if you snore. Additionally, you can track your blood oxygen as you sleep.

Battery Life and Charging

The charger for the Watch4 Classic is nearly identical to the Watch 3. It’s convenient to lay it flat on the counter and it charges quickly. Similarly, it’s also possible to charge your watch using your phone’s battery. All you have to do is enable wireless power-sharing in the settings on your phone. Then you lay your watch on the back of your phone to charge. When it comes to battery life, how much you get will mostly depend on how you use it. That said, my husband uses his watch mainly to call and text and doesn’t have an issue with his battery draining. He can easily get a day to a day and half out of a full charge. My watch is a different story. The first Watch4 I had went through battery quickly. Even if I didn’t do anything on the watch, the battery would go from 100% to dead within 12 hours. My new watch isn’t as bad and the battery lasts me all day. I do take my watch charger with me if I know we’re going to be away from the house all day though.

Final Thoughts

Despite the setbacks, my husband and I both love these watches. We’re pleased with the new features and believe they were worth the upgrade. The Watch4 Classic has the look of an actual watch and it’s just as nice as the Watch 3. The watches pair perfectly with our Samsung phones. I still have the Note 20 Ultra while my husband has the S22 Ultra. If you want to take your health and fitness to the next level, this watch is worth considering! This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. © 2022 Alyssa

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