1. Quick Punctuation

Punctuations are very important for writing something in a good manner and most of the people use punctuation on Google keyboard by first tapping on symbol key and then select the symbol they want to use and tap the ABC key again to go back to main keyboard. There is an easy and quick way to do that, to add punctuations just tap and hold the symbol key or number button and swipe your thumb towards the desired punctuation, on removing thumb you will automatically go back to main keyboard.

2. Number Rows

If you want to type more faster all you need is the number row on main keyboard so that you can type digits easily and save time. This layout of number row on main keyboard is known as PC layout. To enable PC layout on google keyboard all you need to do is go to settings then navigate for language and input, now tap Google keyboard and tap on appearance and layout. In this menu tap on customize input styles and on next screen tap the add (+) button, the pop up will appear , now choose layout as PC and you are all done , you have enabled number row on maim keyboard.

3. Capitalization ( Using Shift key ⇑ )

If you want to make every first alphabet of words Capital just highlight the text and press the shift button and if you want to Capitalize all the words just tap the shift key twice.

4. Emojis ( emotions on google keyboard)

If you use too much emoji emotions while chatting etc, good news for you is Stock Google keyboard also supports emojis. If you don’t see any emojis, go to settings to enable them and the shortcut use of emoji is press and hold enter key and your finger upward, you will see a popup screen of emojis now can easily use them.

5. Text Expansion

Text Expansion is one of the hidden features of Google keyboard, it will allow you to enter a frequently used phrase quickly by assigning it as a shortcut. To use this feature go to settings and navigate for personal dictionary option and here tap the add button now add the phrase you use frequently. Now whenever you will type that shortcut in any text input field it will be automatically expanded to that phrase. For example like LOL as laughing out loud and TC as take care. These are some tips for you people to get more and more out of google keyboard if you have some please let us know in comment box. Share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and Subscription box is at the end. Thanks!!