Recently Android Marshmallow is released for many famous devices like, LG G4, LG G3, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5 etc and it is must for you to know some of the Android Marshmallow Shortcut, tips and tricks if you are running the new 6.0 version on your Android. So, today’s article is about the simple and necessary tips and tricks of Marshmallow.

Below are some of the shortcut tips for the new Marshmallow OS running on your phone. You should have a look at them to make Marshmallow OS handy on your phone. Let’s start Marshmallow Shortcut, tips and tricks. In Android Marshmallow you can instantly uninstall an app from home screen or app drawer. If you want to uninstall an app just long press the app and you will see an option at the top right corner just drag the app towards it and tap OK to uninstall. You can manage an app permissions on Marshmallow even for individual app. To access app permission for an app go to settings > apps and then tap any app, you will see list of permissions, here just flip the switch to grant the permissions. You can manage RAM and also you can see details about the apps using memory. For this go to settings > menu > memory used by the apps , here you will see the memory used by the apps. For more detailed info tap an entry you will see an option of force stop , use it if you want to stop an app from using ram, get familiar with it , it’s a great tool for ram management. One of the cool features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Doze. This feature allows your phone or tablet to hibernate when it is been inactive for a while (alarms and other notifications will come) . You can also customise this , like you can exclude up to three from Doze mode. Go to settings > battery and then over flow menu , here choose ignore optimising or select apps for Doze mode. Some people find it annoying to get notified with pop-up again and again but now in Marshmallow you can disable notification peeking. Go to settings > sound and notification > app notification then select the appropriate you don’t want to get notified about and switch off allow peeking. If you are aware of lock screen shortcuts there is a news for you, this time in Marshmallow shortcut to dialer has been replaced by Google now. So now you can call anyone just by speaking instead of going to dialer and finding contact and the dial. To use this shortcut feature just swipe from the bottom of left hand corner of lock screen and use Google now. Android Marshmallow has some new entries in developer options. To enable developer options , go to settings > about phone > build number and tap the build number until a pop-up appears notifying you that you are developer now. In the settings menu you will see developer options above about phone option. Now you can enable USB debugging mode , tweak animation, OEM unlocking and other. Hope you like the Marshmallow shortcut, tips and tricks. Please share it and subscribe for more Android news, tips and tricks. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.