Technology has done a lot to help law enforcement promote public safety and solve crimes but some of the methods have come under scrutiny. Many have raised concerns that applications of face recognition technology or the surveillance of social media does more to diminish citizens’ private rights than help the general public. With that in mind, this TikTok shared by @thedailyshow should bring up a variety of new protests and questions.  Ask anyone who has read Isaac Asimov or is well versed in science fiction, and they will recite the First Rule of Robotics: A robot may not injure a human being. This attempt to apply deadly force would not only reverse decades of engineering and thinking about robotics, but it would also create an irreparable rift between society and science for such an effort.  Commenters expressed their concerns over this new possibility. “One of my high school students told me about this. I did not believe this and had to face check this. Sounds like Terminator!” replied angelastillson. Zach Pennock noted, “Pretty sure they did a documentary on this exact topic. Very educational…. I believe it’s called robocop.” “Skynet Central, it started in San Francisco,” recalled 11ameles5.