Just this month, astronomers discovered a new, “secret” black hole. A TikTok posted by @officialinterstellarnews shares all the details, and it’s honestly amazing. It might put you into an existential crisis, but amazing nonetheless.  She’s so stunning! I cannot stop watching this video. This previously-hidden black hole was discovered when it consumed a nearby star. @officialinterstellarnews this is how black holes, the scariest and most dangerous objects in space, usually reveal themselves. Otherwise, they are very hard to find since they are the same color as outer space itself. Not only is this particular black hole super pretty, but she is also super rare. Similar black holes have only been found a couple of times. According to @officialinterstellarnews, these black holes are not big enough to be at the center of their own galaxies, but they still have enough power to destroy stars. Queen behavior. “The universe is so crazy. This is fascinating!” TikTok user @jussanonymous1990 commented under the video. “That’s so terrifying yet so cool,” @crystalsfunhouse agreed. As much as I want to go inside one, I know that can never happen. But oh, do I dream.  There are more and more cool things discovered every day, and they should make us appreciate our universe just a little bit more.