But not many homes are equipped with hyper-astronomy level telescopes like the one here from the astounding Andrew McCarthy and TikTok video creator @cosmic_background. You are simply going to have to check this awesomeness out.


“This deserves way more attention,” writes commenter @burley_buttons. “Plain and simple. WOW,” agrees @britboy2022. User @landodad has a local perspective. “Tucson storms are next level!” he exclaims. “Definitely looks nicer than my phone video,” @stellerarts says. “Awesome shot!” proclaims @ninjaginja13. “I literally just saw this on Twitter and then this was the first video to pop up on my FYP.” McCarthy graciously replies, “Thanks for following me everywhere.” (His Twitter handle is @AJamesMcCarthy and the Website is here. There is a ton of outrageously awesome content and these places are always worth a visit.) Recommended for you

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