While it may not be the most utilized or beneficial features for progress, we have seen significant advancement in the fine motion skills of robots. This could become a long-term benefit and allow automatons to take on new roles, including working in high-risk environments like natural disasters or more dangerous factories. For now, we have interesting videos like this TikTok from @espn that show some unique talents developed.  Commenters had some interesting remarks to this video. Ray Wright mentioned, “can’t get called for traveling if you can dribble and move down the court without taking steps.” “The amount of calculations that robot does per second must be insane,” remarked godec.zan. artist asked, “what if he can do the griddy after the score?” Having worked in sports at the collegiate and professional levels, I know it will take more than incredible engineering to replace the wonderful displays of athleticism by humans. It is really cool to see that robots can now dribble and shoot basketballs with the same dexterity of people, which can create other possibilities for robotic innovation. I’ll hold my breath to see if one can drop a crossover dribble like Allen Iverson.