Flashing custom ROM on any Android device requires an Unlocked Bootloader and root access. Also, it needs you to flash a custom recovery like TWRP. Here we have listed the best Custom Roms available for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

1. LineageOS for Galaxy S7

LineageOS previously Known as Cyanogenmod Rom, is one the most popular Custom ROM for Android devices. It features a bloat-free ROM with all “Vanilla Android” experience which we love like from the Nexus and Pixel Lineup. The Official version of the ROM is available on there Official Site. LineageOS for S7 Download

2. Superman ROM

Superman ROM is based on the latest Nougat base. It is debloated and you can download almost all the apps that can be downloaded from the play store. Everything on the customization side is directly lifted from the Samsung software. It comes Pre-rooted also, BusyBox is pre-installed as well. The ROM features an aroma installer that lets you customise the ROM at the time of installation to ensure that you only install those features and mods that you want. It’s is best one! Download S7 | Edge

3. OnTheEdgeLite ROM for Galaxy S7

OnTheEdgeLite is another TouchWiz based ROM. You get to enjoy Galaxy S8 features in your S7 device. The smallest TouchWiz ROM for the Galaxy S7 at 1.2GB. The developer has also fixed all the performance and stability issues that are present in other Note 7 ROM ports for the Galaxy S7. The ROM is debloated and has the all new fast TouchWiz that is close to stock. OnTheEdgeLite: Galaxy S7 | Galaxy S7 Edge

4. Omega ROM

Omega ROM, packs in almost all the customization options that one could ask for. The customization features can be neatly managed using the included Omega Files app that lets you apply only those mods that you want to use. You can do pretty much everything you want with this ROM. Omega ROM is fully customizable.

5. AOSPExtended ROM

AOSPExtended ROM is an AOSP based ROM which has stock UI/UX and comes along with various customization along with the Substratum Theme Engine. It gives you the stock features and also some new features. AOSP based ROMs are fast and lag-free. S7 S7 Edge

6. KryxOS

It is a stock de-bloated ROM that is based on the Samsung firmware. Almost all the features you would expect from a Samsung smartphone are kept intact. The ROM also comes with default Google apps like the dialer, camera, and photos, etc. The core functions of the Samsung firmware are still available on the ROM, for example, themes, the ad screen and always on display are activated. KryxOS These were the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We hope you found one for your device and looking forward to flash it. Well, Good luck!