Here are some best apps for Android tablets which you should must have on in order to increase its productivity.

1.Google Chrome Browser

We all are familiar with Google Chrome internet browser , It has fast speed, speed dial, new tabs thing, Incognito browsing mode, themes and much more. Google Chrome is one of the best internet browser for android, so you should install it.

1.Office Suit 7

We often use tablets for office work and OfficeSuite 7 is one of the best Android tablet apps. This app can be used for creating and editing office documents and it supports all kind of documents. This app has similar features like MS Office. You can open, edit and create: Doc, PPT, Xls ,PDF files.

3.Crackle (Movies)

Watching movies on tablets is amazing and Crackle is a great movie app for watching and streaming movies online.It is an official app of ,it is a good app and lets you to search and watch movies intantly.On crackle you can watch full Tv shows and movies for free .Crackle also supports Chromecast which means you can watch movies on your TV with crackle.


Dropbox is one of the best app for Cloud storage you can store all kinds of files like  images, music, videos,documents, texts and all digital files what comes to your mind. So install the dropbox Android app which allows you to access your photos, documents, videos and texts from anyplace.

5.MX  Player

Many people use their Android Tablets as an entertainer and they watch movies and Videos on their Tabs , so for this purpose you need a video player which can play videos of all formats and MX player is one of the best Video player ,It can play HD 720p and 1080p videos and formats (mp4, Mkv, AAC, Flv etc) . It also has an option for Subtitles download , so you must install it on your tab.

6.Google Currents

Google currents is an app for users who read magazines, newspapers and blogs etc. You can personalize it and do it in a quick way This application also supports audio, which allows you to access the sounds that may be accompanying an article. Unfortunately it is not available in some countries.

7.Any To-do and task list

With this app Any for Android tablet, it is very easy to keep track of your to do and task list. You can make multiple kinds of lists, like shopping lists etc, as well as attach  photos and other Dropbox files. Using this app will enable you to synchronize all your tasks among different supported devices via Cloud and share lists to Twitter, Facebook and a number of other social networks.

8.Poweramp (music player)

Poweramp for Android Tablets is another useful music application.It is the best Android music player, It has an awesome equalizer and it comes with many skins and you can customize it any time, so if you love music and you have an android tablet then you should give it a try.

9.Es File explorer  (file manager)

Es file explorer is very essential app for those who spend their time in downloading and manging music,videos,movies  etc. It is very easy to use and it has so many features . If you need file manager go  for ES File explorer,this file manager allows you to delete, move and copy files, create and extract archives, it also manges other applications.

10.Adobe Photoshop

There are many people who edit their photos and apply professional effects and this app is one of the best photo editing app so if you want to give your photos professional touch you should install Adobe photoshop for your Tab.

These are some Best Android Tablets applications and there are plenty of other good apps  too, so if you want to share some of your’s favorite apps, below is the comment option. Hope that you like out list of best apps for Android Tablets. Please share it and subscribe to out blog. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the bottom.