Posted to TikTok by user @edgedddd, the below video runs through a list of the top five iPhone colors, and as you’ll see, number one is a matter of some controversy.


“Rose gold sweeps everything on this list,” writes commenter @lr06__. “Where’s navy blue,” asks @298_maco. “Yeah,” says @yk.itsbradley. “Red iPhones have their profits donated to Covid and AIDS and a lot of companies do this because it’s a part of a fundraiser called (Product)RED.” “I was waiting for purple,” confesses @gracies.boyfriend. Apparently just because you have a certain color doesn’t mean it’s your favorite. “I have the sierra blue 13 pro max and I hate the color,” admits @user57744532929837479063. “LOL,” writes @ericlikespotatos2. “I’m watching on the green iPhone 13 pro.” “Space Gray,” chimes in @zaynec22 with a bit of outlier opinion. “I got the purple iPhone 12 with a mega Alakazam ex Pokémon card on the back,” shares @piss_pants7. “I have the red iPhone 13,” announces @chicken112244. “It’s a great color, but it’s hard to find a good case unless it’s clear.” “I love my gold color,” says @gracelundy. “It’s like white at some angles and gold at others.” Whatever your favorite color or what you think of this list, it’s clearly a debate that will go on and on. Recommended for you

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