However, like with all non-mainstream occurrences, alternative operating systems face many compatibility issues and inefficiencies, and this is something you need to be prepared for when you install either one of them. If your switching to Ubuntu, Fedora or Linux has primarily been caused by your wish to improve your privacy, then you’re probably contemplating on getting a VPN as well. This might be a challenging task, due to some compatibility glitches we mentioned, but there are some fairly good and tested VPN companies that can provide you with solid service without costing a fortune. Here are the best VPNs for Linux, as well as for Fedora and Ubuntu.

#1. Express VPN

This provider has only recently released a VPN for Linux, but many users have a lot of positive things to say about it. Express VPN will work with Fedora and Ubuntu just as well as with Linux. Even though it’s not as complete in design and GUI like Windows or iOS versions are, there are still some strong suits to this VPN. First of all, you will hardly find a VPN that works like a charm with firewalls as this one does, and the same goes for geo-blocking. You won’t have to download and deal with configuration for each server that you use, which is another plus. Speaking of servers, you can rest assured that they’re promptly kept up to date, which isn’t something companies dedicate enough attention to. This VPN is a bit more costly than other of its kind, but the good news is that you will get your money back after 30 days if you don’t find it satisfying.

#2. Strong VPN

Strong VPN is actually among the more popular ones on the internet, and many security experts also propose it as a good solution for keeping your identity private on the internet. What sets this provider apart from its competitors are the facts that are has over 8,000 IP addresses and over 250 servers all over the world. This VPN will work just fine with an alternative operating system of your choice, and what’s more, it doesn’t cost a lot, especially if you decide to go with the yearly pay plan.

#3. Cyber Ghost

In case you’re not keen on spending any money on your virtual private network, then CyberGhost could be a very good alternative for you. Once you install this VPN, you can expect it keep you safe from privacy breaches, as no logs of your activity are being kept, but it has some restrictions which must be mentioned. If you decide for the free version (there is a premium one as well), you can expect to wait in line to connect to the internet, your user experience will be constricted to a selected number of servers, and you can basically forget about torrenting. The good sides are that even in your free version you will get Open VPN protocol, thanks to which you will have unlimited bandwidth along with a kill switch. You can find all other information you might need in Cyberghost review, which was one of information sources as well.

#4. Buffered VPN

Buffered might not have been on the market for long, but it has a lot to offer to its customers and is building a name for itself rather quickly. This provider has servers in fifteen countries, you are free to search for open ports on protected networks so that you don’t have to deal with login pages that get on everyone’s nerves. Connectivity and bandwidth speed are all very good, though this company does reserve the right to keep a part of your connection logs for themselves. Buffered will function without a glitch with Linux and its offspring.

#5. Pure VPN

This is another reliable company, which VPN is compatible with Linux or other operating systems of your choosing. Thanks to its 400 servers, 80,000 IP addresses, and an all-encompassing 128-bit security, you can be sure that you’ll be as protected as an endemic species. Pure VPN Review goes into detail about what else is at your disposal with this provider, but only these few numbers we mentioned are enough to understand that this is a serious company that puts its customers’ safety first. Even when using an operating system that helps you stay under the radar, using a VPN is always a good idea. If you want to choose wisely, don’t be afraid to delve in and do some research on your own, read reviews and find the best suiting alternative. – By Adam Ferraresi.

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