Posted by TikTok user @promobot.robots, the video below shows one such advancement in this field. We’re not concerned this is really anything more than a stunt for attention at this point, but this blonde barista robot is definitely attracting some eyes and opinions.


“So we won’t have any jobs soon,” writes commenter @anavia61. Viewer of the video @zay_is_cool_bro says, “There are movies and video games explaining why this is a bad idea economically.” “I mean people already don’t wanna work, so….” writes @swift131313131313. “Many people need work so we don’t have to accept a robot,” remarks @gabrielle_5305. “Not a good end to it all.” “I don’t understand why we need a robot to stay in there and look pretty, when Taco Bell has computer screens for ordering,” notes @tattoooedfisherman. User @valentin.sdr jokes, “I’m sorry, there is oil in my coffee.” “Took a job?” wonders @greatlyfe. “Meanwhile, building and maintaining them will provide multiple jobs.” “I just love her look from her polka dot pink shirt to her giant pearl necklace,” admires @stacywelch227. “I wear a similar pearl necklace. I hardly ever wear anything else.” Recommended for you

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