There is another story, what if you yourself forget your Google account and password and you do a factory reset and got stuck. Without entering Google account you cannot use your Device because of FRP but Don’t worry we have a solution to this problem if you are Nexus device user you can bypass this FRP easily by performing these tricky steps described below. Note: Your device should have a Sim card in it. Follow the steps below to bypass factory reset protection on Nexus.

  1. Boot your Nexus device into recovery mode. Turn it off and then press and hold Power + Volume Up + Volume down buttons simultaneously and them on Bootloader screen, press Volume down button until you see Recovery written on top and then press the power button to enter the recovery mode.
  2. Now perform a factory reset in Recovery menu.
  3. You will enter setup wizard, tap on any WiFi Connection to make enter password field visible and instead of entering password hold down ” , ” button and go to settings.
  4. In settings tap language and then tap menu 3 dots on top right corner of screen there tap ‘ help and feedback ‘.
  5. Now a search bar will appear, type anything then select the text and tap it a pop-up will appear tap share option.
  6. Now tap share it via Google messenger and the app will launch, there tap on ‘ new message ‘.
  7. Here in the ‘TO’ input field enter any number and tap ‘ send to ‘ you will see a contact icon on top right corner tap it and next tap ‘ tick mark ‘.
  8. Now you will see a phone icon and it will let you make a phone call.
  9. When the call is placed tap pause and next tap add dialer button.
  10. You will see dialer menu dial ” ##4636## “, now you will enter test mode.
  11. In test mode tap ” Usage Statistics ” and hit the back option.
  12. You will enter device settings now and from settings perform a factory reset again. That’s it! As FRP requires a Google account linked to your Device with security option enabled but while performing factory reset for the second time we didn’t fulfill this requirement so FRP is bypassed. Enter a new Google account following setup wizard, Thanks to RootJunky for this useful trick.