People have transitioned to digital media for capturing life’s moments, either the marvelous or mundane. While most of us want a clear picture or video, others are stretching the abilities of our technology to create some really special memories. Tiktok user @caidenwanders went camping recently and put out a short video using a “cinema camera” that has people very impressed. The comment section shows that Caiden has a lot of fans. FlmKrp wrote, “Better cinematography than most extremely budget superhero films.” “This made my videographer and adventurer heart so happy,” wrote JR. sophieeee proclaimed, “this is what I want my life to feel like, no other way to explain it.” This is beautiful imagery from what looks like a really fun trip. I don’t do much outdoors stuff but it feels like having some play guitar (or any string instrument, we don’t judge against fiddles or banjos here) is almost mandatory.