It also has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet to transfer photos from the camera directly to them over Bluetooth or NFC (near field communication).


The Canon EOS R7 is a mirrorless camera that uses a 32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 15fps continuous shooting mode to capture detailed images. The camera also has RAW and JPEG support, as well as 5-axis image stabilization for smooth videos or photos in low light conditions (though it doesn’t work on the 4K video mode). The body of this camera has magnesium alloy construction with an aluminum side control dial and command wheel, which gives it a solid feel when held in your hand during shooting sessions. It’s also lightweight at 1.5 pounds (with battery), making it comfortable even when using longer lenses or heavier accessories like filters or flashes during photo shoots outdoors on sunny days where there isn’t much wind resistance due to how thin they are compared with other cameras from competing manufacturers such as Sony Alpha A9 mark II which weighs 3 pounds!

Features and Performance

The EOS R7 offers a 32.5-megapixel APS-C sensor and DIGIC X, which means you’re getting great image quality in a compact and lightweight body. It also includes 5-axis in-body image stabilization to help you capture sharper images even when moving your camera fast or at high speeds. The R7 features Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology that allows for faster autofocus performance than ever before (up to 180 fps). This is especially useful when shooting sports or action scenes where movement of your subject may be erratic, such as when cycling or running through an obstacle course at the park with kids on bikes! The DIGIC 8 Image Processor on board gives this camera amazing processing power for processing images quickly—even if there’s plenty going on around it! This enables quick auto focus acquisition times as well as faster burst shooting speeds without sacrificing any detail from what comes out from those pixels afterwards; which means less time spent waiting for photos to process after taking them so they can then get edited later.

Summary of Canon EOS R7 Features

New 32.5 Megapixel APS-C (1.6x) Canon CMOS Imaging Sensor DIGIC X Image Processor ISO 100-32000, Expandable up to 51200 High-Speed Continuous Shooting at up to 15 fps with Mechanical Shutter and 30 fps with Electronic (Silent) Shutter Dual Pixel CMOS AF II with 651 AF Areas Covering Approx. 100% of the Frame, 5,915 Manually Selectable Covering Approx. 90% x 100% of the Frame Subject Tracking People (Eye, Head, and Face), Animals (Eye, Head, and Body for Cats, Dogs, and Birds (and far more)), motorsports (car/bike) in all AF area modes AF Working Range of EV -5 to 20 4K 60 fps with 7k oversampling, 1080p up to 120 fps, YCbCr4:2:0 8-bit or YCbCr4:2:2 10bit (when HDR PQ or CLOG3 is ON) with Canon Log 3, with AF 5-axis In-Body Image Stabilizer Provides Approximately 7-Stops of Shake Correction Dual UHS-II SD Memory Card Slots Built-in 0.39" 2.36 Million Dots OLED Electronic Viewfinder with 120 fps Refresh Rate 3" 1.62 M Dot Vari-Angle LCD Touchscreen Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth Technology 200,000 Actuation Shutter Durability Rating Weather Sealing Auto-Leveling High-performing camera with an affordable price RF Lens Mount, Compatible with EF/EF-S/TS-E/MP-E Lenses with Adapter

Image and Video Quality

The Canon EOS R7 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that offers a myriad of features, including 4K video capture and 60 fps high frame rate (HFR) shooting. It also boasts dual pixel autofocus technology—a first for any Canon camera. The EOS R7’s APS-C sensor is matched with an effective resolution of 32.5 megapixels, which means it can capture still images at high resolutions. The sensor has been designed with both improved low light sensitivity and high dynamic range in mind; this means you’ll be able to get more detail when shooting in darker conditions or at lower ISO settings than you would on most other sensors available today.


Similar to the R5 and R6, the R7 use the high-capacity Canon LP-E6NH Li-ion Battery Pack (2130mAh), which is 14% more powerful than the Canon LP-E6N (1865 mAh) utilised by a wide number of earlier EOS camera models. A larger battery capacity mitigates one of the disadvantages of mirrorless cameras in comparison to DSLRs, which is the reduced number of shots accessible from the same battery capacity. The form factor of the LP-E6NH battery is excellent, providing a large quantity of power in a compact size — I can carry multiple batteries in my pocket. I appreciate the ease of sharing LP-E6-series batteries and chargers throughout my kit, as well as the fact that while travelling with numerous camera models, only a single, compact, direct-plug charger is necessary. Notably, the complete line of batteries, including the original LP-E6 (1800 mAh), as well as their chargers, are forward and backward compatible. With numerous of these chargers, it is handy to swiftly charge multiple batteries. The R7 is compatible with LP-E6N and LP-E6 battery packs and supports in-camera charging of LP-E6NH batteries with the Canon USB Power Adapter PD-E1. The R7 can also be powered by AC via the Canon AC Adapter AC-E6N and Canon DC Coupler DR-E6. The CIPA rating (at 23°C) for the LCD’s battery life is about 770 shots in “Power Saving” mode and 660 shots in “Smooth” mode. The EVF is rated for around 500 shots in the “Power Saving” mode and 380 shots in the “Smooth” mode. Maximum bulb exposure is around 5 hours, and Full HD video recording is approximately 3:50. (less for 4K). Typically, real-world shooting performance far exceed the CIPA numbers, and it is not uncommon to receive twice the number of shots per charge. Approximately 2,000 EVF-captured photographs were saved to the memory card before the battery indicator began blinking red during a range of field tests conducted on the R7. After 712 rounds, 15 percent of battery life was reported remaining in the lab. When evaluating the image count capability of the buffer, 2,647 photos barely moved the battery capacity metre. Overall, I am satisfied with the battery life of my R7. A menu option displays the remaining battery capacity (6 levels and percentage) and the recharge performance (3-levels).

Price and Availability

Canon EOS R7 is available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It is also available in India and Dubai. The price of Canon EOS R7 varies depending on the market where it is sold. The retail prices for this camera vary from $2,400 to $3,800 (including body only).


The Canon EOS R7 is a well-rounded camera that’s ideal for photographers who want to shoot with professional-level features. It has a fast lens and can easily fit into your bag, making it an easy choice for traveling photographers. The pros of this camera are its excellent build quality and high-quality optics — both of which make it more than capable of handling any kind of shooting situation. The autofocus tracking technology also works well in low light conditions, allowing you to get sharp shots even when there isn’t enough light available for using your flash. The cons are that this model doesn’t have any weather sealing or built-in Wi-Fi connectivity; however, these features aren’t necessary for most users since most photographers use their smartphones as cameras anyway (and often don’t mind if they’re not waterproof).


The Canon EOS R7 is a powerful mirrorless camera with a large sensor and fast autofocus. The sensor is 32.5 MP and you can shoot up to 15 fps with Mechanical Shutter and 30 fps with Electronic (Silent) Shutter. It also features 4K video recording at 60fps. Overall, this is an impressive camera that offers excellent image quality in both stills and video modes. The build quality of the EOS R7 is excellent, but it does have some issues when used in cold weather conditions due to its plastic body construction—especially around the lens mount where condensation can build up quickly if you’re shooting under bad weather conditions or trying to take pictures during rainstorms or snowfall events like Christmas Eve! The Canon EOS R7 is a great choice for anyone looking to get into video production. It has all of the features that you need at an affordable price point, and its performance is top notch.

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