Take a look at the method in action in a video posted by TikTok user @futur3ology.


It’s kind of like a cowboy with a lasso. “Pushing cars off the road was more fun but we had to wait too long sometimes,” says a viewer of the video, who apparently is or was a police officer that has been involved in a few of these incidences. We assume he’s joking a bit about it being “fun,” but this certainly does seem like a safer way of going about things. The Web site metro.co.uk explains it like this: “They call it ‘The Grappler’, and from what we can tell, it’s basically a lasso, but for cars instead of cows. It is made of a strong nylon net which shoots out from the cop car’s bumper and wraps around the wheel of the car being chased, tethering them and preventing them being able to speed off.” Recommended For You

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