Find out what it is in this video posted by TikTok user @ellamaisaunders.


“The timing is everything,” says a commenter. “Respect for how mechanics try hard for our cars,” writes another. One woman seems as if she’s seen this sort of thing before. “Tell me why always males have such ideas,” she says. “This boy learned nothing in school,” writes a user. “He spent his time learning new ways to give trouble.” One surmises this led to some trouble when the man figured out what was really happening. “Legends say his brain matter is still on the concrete after his friend found out.” A user seems to think the mechanic is fooled a little too easily. “So you’re saying he couldn’t figure out the direction of the sound….” Another agrees, writing with some sarcasm, “Cuz clearly the sound doesn’t come from one side that is not even close to the tire.” “Why is he so good at it?” wonders a viewer of the video. “I didn’t even realize till the end,” confesses a reader. A user suggests, “Legends say he still looking for the sound to this day.” “Oh, old school pranks, so funny,” writes another with a sense of appreciation for the good-natured playfulness. Recommended For You

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