The clip, uploaded by @crimeoncamera, fuels some discussion in the comments section. “While opening the door, he makes direct eye contact with the camera,” observes @mskelseytheog. “The only thing he didn’t do is smile and hold his ID up to the camera,” agrees @tracybeans67. “He twists his ankle for no reason,” writes @chubuluk. Viewer of the video @billb50_59826 says, “I’m waiting for a big mean dog to come running out.” “Why does this man keep looking at the camera?” asks @ryno408. “Like someones going to pop out and chase him.” “He’s just misunderstood,” jokes @loczilla. “He’s the neighborhood lock checker. He wants to make sure every car is locked and secure. God bless you, sir.” User @dudeabided has another question altogether. “Couldn’t he at least try to break into a nicer car?” he asks. Recommended For You

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