TikTok user @triciaandkam shows us his reaction to the sly mischief she has masterminded , and people understandably have some opinions about the incident. “Not the donut!” exclaims commenter @rescue0dj. “And that’s how I became an ex-girlfriend,” supposes @brixton.bully. “Are guys that sensitive?” wonders @myintmadi. “LMFAO,” writes @fw.spaze as she mocks the passenger. “‘The window, Trish, the window!’” Video viewer @katlyngardiner has a point of hilarity that cracks her up, perhaps a tad disturbingly. “It’s the yellow soap in the mouth for me!” she confesses. “Now we are fighting,” observes @lady_grif, “because my donuts got ruined.” Sympathetic reader @lynnettehazenstab has an idea to rectify the situation. “You better have got him a new donut,” she advises. “OMG, I just died laughing,” says a particularly non-sympathetic @xoxobenton0. “This is so funny. Hahahaha!” User @nami.fx seems a little perplexed by the scene. “Why would you do that?” she asks. “The best! OMG!” announces @sammijay85. Then we get a small dose of TMI from her. “I peed a little laughing,” she confesses. “LOL,” says @hodaneyyyy before casting some judgment on the girlfriend. “You’re wrong for that.” Well, this sort of prank is funny to watch, but only recommended for good-natured people who seem to like to have a little crazy fun together. And that, we hope, is a good thing in the end. Recommended For You

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