Posted by TikTok user @fluffsquad, this funny video is worth checking out. Enjoy! (The poster of the video says the cat is fine, so no worries there.)


“The male lion scared her, LOL,” writes commenter @christianyelichmvp. “But awwwwww,” writes reader @blake_exists. “The putty just saw her family and got excited.” “I laughed out loud on the street,” says @cruist22. “People looked.” Viewer of the video @joelfromwisconsin1 has some advice: “He’s too close to the TV, poor kitten. Put a bed in front of the TV so he can be safe.” “The males are always so scary!” acknowledges @mamabae5. “LOL, the cat just couldn’t process all that information from her family,” writes @mugwart1. “I went from worried to ‘don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh,’” admits @blake_exists. “Then proceeded to laugh the words, ‘Oh no,’ while rewatching it for the tenth time real quick.” Recommended for you

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