The advent of the Tesla “Autopilot” feature has certainly accelerated the progress considerably when it comes to autonomously driving. But, what this new Ford vehicle is able to do with automation could be a potential lifesaver for particularly forgetful drivers.


That’s pretty brilliant from this new Ford Ranger in the right-side driver’s seat orientation — since TikTok’s Paul Maric is based in Australia. Imagine forgetting to put your car in park before turning it off in order to get gas or charge up. This feature would keep your precious whip from rolling off into who knows what. It’s just another fun example of just how intelligent and responsive cars are becoming as the years progress. We likely aren’t all that far off from fully autonomous cars, and we could imagine it becoming a reality in most of our lifetimes. Commenters left and right are pointing out that their cars from as far back as 2014 are able to do this. However, every car they’re referring to is a luxury vehicle, and the point here is that the technology is becoming more commonplace and accessible. When a significant majority of people are able to access a new technology, that’s when most everyone gets thrust into the future, or a new normal.