Meanwhile, in Japan, Toyota released this luxury car in the early aughts that was so forward thinking that it has amenities we would want in a new car today. Just see what this car’s seats can do!


As you can see in Yamato_80100’s TikTok video, while this is a 17-year-old car, it’s packed with features we don’t even have in our cars today at accessible prices. For instance, the position of the seats can be manipulated in several ways, as well as receive heating from the bottom cushions. This car even has climate control for the rear seats. For the record, our car has none of these awesome features and it was released in 2017 for about $24,000. That’s just plain frustrating. “Pretty sure this has more stuff than a 2022 Toyota,” commented one user, and that’s exactly what we mean. However, we need to recognize this TikToker’s auto detail game — this car appears to be absolutely spotless and kept in top condition. Many commenters on the video are recalling that this Toyota looks strikingly similar to the Lexus LS 430 released in the US. That’s because the Lexus and this Toyota are technically just about the same car, but released in different countries under different labels. Toyota is the parent company of Lexus. So, perhaps you could look for a 2005 Lexus LS 430 in the US and get a similar experience. That is, if you correctly detail it and take care of it thereafter.