Because you procrastinate … or have young children … you might not even have the time for something as fast as the Magic Bullet blender. That’s where this little wonder might come in handy: it’s a portable blender that doubles as the bottle for your blended drink.


This product is known as the Blend It Bottle by a company of the same name: Blend It. Of course, the video was posted by the company on TikTok, but this is such a neat product we just had to share it with you. While the Blend It Bottle goes for $80 normally, you can get one now for just $40 — likely for a limited time. On its website, the company says the Blend It Bottle can blend “frozen fruits, ice, nuts, leafy greens, and more.” You throw your base milk or other drink, then the solid ingredients, into the bottle that is turned over on its cap. Then you place the Blend It Base on the upside down bottle and screw it on. Turn the Blend It upright, turn the base on, and watch the blender create your smoothie in 30 seconds. This is the kind of thing that could turn that rush to the interstate commuter train in the morning into barely a worry. The company is giving away free Blend It Bottles to viewers of its TikTok channel. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully, as many users appear to be having problems with receiving theirs.