This wonderfully joyful girl was astounded and thrilled to wander into a room with a computer and Xbox set up, ready to go and all for her. TikTok user mermaid_skillz treats us to the moment in this short video. “I don’t like it, I love it!” she exclaims. Commenter meowceres is impressed with the girl’s display of gratitude. “Awww she’s definitely a good girl,” she writes. And notmowgli mimics her sentiment when she comments, “I don’t like her reaction- I LOVE IT.”  Video creator mermaid_skillz explains that the computer, of course, is for school. “The Xbox is for gaming,” she says. I think we could have guessed that! We’re just glad that she shared this wonderful moment with us. It certainly made our day as well.

Check Out This Sweet Girl s Reaction When She Gets Her First Computer With Xbox - 41