An additional thumb can be added to your hand and can be controlled wirelessly by the user’s big toes. This TikTok video from user @future_explored explains.


“In just a few minutes, people can learn to grasp objects,” @future_explored says. “And after a few days it starts to feel like a part of their body. And it can be used in amazing ways that are completely different than how humans normally use their hands.” “I honestly want this,” writes commenter @psc_r. Viewers of the video are asked what other body parts they would like to have. Commenter @david_howard66 says he would like to have wings. Another, @nonameforthisguy, says he would like “a tail that could be used to climb stuff.” One viewer would like “extra brain storage, I just want to remember my dreams in vivid detail,” writes @reillythebookreader. There are many possibilities here. We’ll be following developments in robotics and posting stories about new innovations as soon as we get our hands on them. Recommended for you

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