Using GaN technology, this foldable mini charger is 50% smaller than your average MacBook charger and can easily substitute your laptop’s bulky adapter. Furthermore if you own a USB-C to Lightning cable you can fast charge your iPhone 11/11 Pro and Pro Max along with upcoming iPhones. The charger features a single PD port for maximum power transfer and efficiency that’s built for the future. I’ve been using the mini charger to charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and S10+ and it’ll fast charge them fully in around 90 minutes. However the charger isn’t built to handle the 45W charging capabilities of the Note 10+ but it’ll do just fine with an XPS or Mac. Choetech is one of my top 5 electronic brands at the moment and it hasn’t failed me yet; this is another terrific product that packs endless power in a tiny package.

Choetech Product Info

Best Use Cases for Choetech Wall Charger

Choetech’s mini wall charger works with a plethora or tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Here’s a small assortment of devices it can charge.

Compatible Laptops

MacBook Pro 13.3" (2020) MacBook Pro 13/15" (2016-2019) MacBook Air (2018-2019) & Retina MacBook MacBook 12" HP Spectre X360/X2 Dell XPS 13/15" Lenovo Yoga 730/720

Compatible Tablets

iPad Pro 12.9/10.5/11" Thinkpad X1 Tablet HP Pavilion x2 iPad Pro

Compatible Smartphones

iPhone 11/11 Pro/Pro Max/XS Max/XS iPhone XR/8/7 Note 8-10 Galaxy S8-10+/20/20+ LG G7/V30 Google Pixel 2-4/XL Song XZ3/XZ2 Premium

Additionally any USB-C device (Nintendo Switch) can connect directly to the adapter or you can use a USB-C to C or USB-C to Lightning cable to enable fast charging speeds when devices are linked. Note: Cables are not included with the Choetech Mini Charger. I’m mostly using the charger with my Android phones though I did try to connect it to my Lenovo laptop. Unfortunately since my laptop uses 135W charging I could only slow charge it with the Choetech adapter. However when I plugged the device into a friend’s MacBook it was able to charge the Mac just fine; in fact a 13" MacBook can be fully charged in under 2 hours.

Who Is This Charger For?

If you own any of the devices listed above and have a few cables lying around then this is great charger to buy. It’s sturdy, reliable, much smaller than the norm, and is TUV/FCC certified meaning it won’t overheat, short-circuit or worse. I did a trial run using it with my Note 10+ and despite going 30-100% on a charge the device barely got hot. So what about laptops? Well I don’t think I’ll be using it for my Lenovo desktop but I have less powerful laptops that’ll make quick work of this product. Also iPhone users, please don’t fret. It may be a USB-C charger but you’ll be fine as long as you plug in the right cable.

Choetech 61W USB-C Mini Charger: Final Review

Built on GaN tech, the new silicone king, Choetech delivers a sleeker, sturdier, more powerful, faster, and more power efficient charger at an affordable price. And I concur with a 4.8 out of 5 rating for the Choetech 61W PD USB-C Mini Charger. It’s 50% smaller than a MacBook charger and it’s a great substitute for smartphones and laptops. My only cons are that there should be more than a single USB-C port, there should be a cable included, and there’s a limit to what it can charge. All three cons are minor to me as I have plenty of chargers and cables to supplement it but many customers aren’t as fortunate. I think it would’ve been good to include Choetech’s own USB-C to C or Lightning cable in the box even if the cost ended up slightly higher, but it’s a minor inconvenience. I’ve been very satisfied with this charger because it’s ready made for the future and is a dramatic improvement over the standard adapter. Choetech’s 61W PD USB-C Mini Wall Charger is a foldable, technologically advanced product that I would highly recommend to casual and power users alike; it’s truly a workhorse in a tiny package.

Choetech 100W PD Dual USB-C Fast Charger With GaN Technology

If 61W and a single port isn’t enough then check out Choetech’s dual 100W USB-C PD adapter. The adapter costs less than $40 and comes with 2 Type-C ports for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Choetech’s unit is the cheapest 100W adapter when compared with Aukey, Anker & RAVPower, however it too doesn’t come with a cable. Keep in mind that an E-Mark cable, which Choetech also sells, is needed to take advantage of the 100W speeds. In addition, the adapter has no PPS standard meaning it can’t take advantage of the Note 10’s 45W fast charging. The 100W is more or less designed for laptops that need the higher power. Finally when two devices are plugged in the power supply outputs 45W + 45W no matter which gadgets are used. The safety protections, warranty, and PD/QC 3.0 protocols are the same as the 61W charger, and the prongs are foldable as well. I personally like the higher power as it allows me to charge my Lenovo laptop much better, and the extra port is a nice bonus. I’d definitely recommend checking out this unit because it’s extremely efficient, affordable, and has a lot of power in a relatively small package.

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