It’s an ideal work from home adapter as it has the ability to mirror or extend your laptop’s screen and input a slew of wired & wireless peripherals for your business needs. The nine ports include RJ45 Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, 3x USB 3.0, USB-C PD 100W, and 2 card readers for SD & TF cards. That’s an impressive array of ports and is great for data transfer, media file configurations, and attaching things like keyboards, a mouse, printers, or other office accessories to your laptop/desktop. This adapter performs in any office setting, but it’s even better for remote work operation as you can plug in a ton of devices without dealing with wires or external hardware. In my opinion, the Choetech 9-in-1 adapter is the best way to declutter your professional life in the new era of remote work.

Choetech Product Information

Choetech’s 9 Ports of Productivity

So what does Choetech do with this product that others don’t? Simple…they know what people want without overwhelming them. The nine ports are neatly arranged in a light and sleek aluminum package.

The Nine Ports of the Choetech Adapter Hub

The PD USB-C slot can connect to a powerful adapter while the USB-C connector plugs into your laptop to power your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 13/15 or any other USB-C laptop. And with its 100W passthrough, it can power a Mac while leaving the other 8 slots open for add-on peripherals or to transfer data; best of all the hub is insulated so that it doesn’t damage your devices. Note: Supports Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 (3.1 devices must support DisplayPort Alternate Mode). Speaking of peripherals, the 3x USB outputs can be used to connect your wired or wireless mouse, keyboard, printer, hard drive, thumb drive etc. The max data transfer speed is 5 Gbps and the ports can be used simultaneously with the 100W PD charging. The only downside is that the USB ports can only be used for data transfer, not charging, but the plus side is that data transferring can work with smartphones, tablets, and hard drives. P.S. The only charging port on the adapter is the 100W USB-C slot.

Mirror & Extend Your Laptop

Potentially the most functional slots for remote office workers are the HDMI/VGA ports, which can be used to extend/mirror your laptop or smartphone screens. Content can be mirrored or extended to a monitor, TV or projector from 4K/30Hz resolutions with HDMI and 1920 x 1080/60Hz resolutions with VGA. The ports can also produce 4K UHD video outputs for smooth video viewing. It’s perfect for watching presentations, movies, videos, and more. Note: Your laptop’s screen can be mirrored to two additional screens but they’ll only display the same image.

Enable a Smoother Network Connection

The next handy slot is the RJ45 Ethernet port, which helps bridge your home’s spotty Wi-Fi connection and offers lightning quick speeds up to 1 Gbps. This can be a blessing for MacBook owners who often lack the space for these legacy connectors. With a wired Ethernet connection, you won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi dead zones or staggered connections anymore; this has been my favorite feature thus far.

The Perfect Accessory for Photographers

Finally, the last two important outputs particularly for photographers are the TF/SD card readers. The readers can access your camera’s data immediately without needing to install additional drivers or software. Just pop in your device’s cards and begin configuring your media files. It’s a great touch to a multifaceted product. I think any photographer, vlogger, journalist, etc., will appreciate it.

Biggest Cons & Should You Buy It?

The Choetech adapter is a top 10 home office accessory and for good reasons, but it doesn’t replace everything. Below are a few things that I wish the 9-in-1 adapter could do or doesn’t have:

No external power supply/charging

Additional USB-C port

USB/USB-C for data transfer & charging

Longer connector

The hub doesn’t work as a power bank, which is disappointing but manageable. I still keep my power banks close to me just in case, though if you don’t travel for business too much, you should be fine. Another thing is that the hub only has a singular USB-C port for charging, which isn’t enough for some. An extra USB-C port would do wonders, and for all you iPhone users, a lightning charging port would probably be good too. And speaking of charging, there’s one slot that can actually charge your devices. The 3x USB outputs only do data transfer so that makes things a tad more challenging. If each slot could do it all, charging & data transfer, then I’d be set. My last con is that I wish the connector cable was a bit longer or changeable. For me a 3-6ft cord would be ideal instead of less than a foot.

Should You Buy It?

At under $40, you should consider this product if you’re an Android user, if you own a newer MacBook/MacBook Pro, if you own any USB-C laptop, if you’re a remote/non-remote office employee or if you’re a photographer/vlogger. Those users will benefit the most from this device however everyone will get some use out of this especially as more and more devices transition to USB-C.

Choetech 9-in-1 Multiport Adapter: Final Review

I’ve been trying out Choetech products for a few years now and they know how to innovate with the times. The 9-in-1 adapter is smart, practical, and can be used daily which is what a piece of tech should do, and the adapter excels in many ways that others don’t. I would give the Chotech 9-in-1 USB-C Multiport Adapter 4 out of 5 stars. The combination of legacy and updated ports will be a relief to generations of users, and each port is specked out to the max for ultimate speed and efficiency. But it’s not perfect. As a power user there’s a few things missing that I would’ve liked to see, and the hub doesn’t completely free me from using other accessories like a power bank. More so it lacks functionality for iPhone users and not every port will be utilized. Still, I think it’s a great product for remote workers because the hub is a practical solution to an increasingly complex tech landscape. It’ll make you more productive and will help your home office setting. The Choetech 9-in-1 Multiport Adapter is a thin & lightweight portable hub that offers a fantastic compromise between older and newer outputs, and it’s worth buying if you’ve ever been caught up in dongle-gate and wish to declutter your professional life.

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