While some robots have taken on more “human” features, using artificial intelligence and programming to interact with us on a more personal level, most of them are not designed to have as much “personality.” The majority of robots do not have faces or distinguishing physical features to differentiate from other versions. After watching this video submitted by TikTok user @vomitedthoughts, that might be for the best.  Commenters love the idea of building a video game character from the popular “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series. Mel asked, “Wait what if u make a life-sized working Circus Baby animatronic?” “now open a pizzeria, I don’t care where it is, I’ll fly across the universe to go to a pizzeria like that,” claimed ~Slay_Sama~. Zoza Filfil suggeted, “now all you need is a blonde-haired little girl with green eyes and pink dress and its done.” In the context of this robot as a character in a video game series, this makes things slightly less creepy. However, this deserves tremendous praise for attention to detail and ability to recreate a figure that only exists in pixelated form.