Mega tech TikToker Carter Smith shared a detailed video as to why closing every app that you’re not using on your iPhone is not saving you battery life. In fact, it’s wasting more of your iPhone’s battery charge than if you were to just leave the apps alone — here’s why.


Backed up by research and reporting done by HowToGeek, it’s true: closing apps on your iPhone is not preserving battery life nor performance. Carter Smith is right to put this TikTok out there. Why, you ask? That’s because iOS, the interface driving all of the interactions you make with your iPhone, manages system resources differently than traditional computers. The phone software is able to store unused apps in a dormant state that doesn’t require significant amounts of memory to do so. However, opening an app from simply the Home Screen, that isn’t already in that list of unused apps, requires more processing and therefore battery life to retrieve everything necessary to start working. So, stop swiping your apps away from that list of “opened” apps — your iPhone’s battery will thank you for it.