According to Boeing, the aircraft was designed for aircraft carrier duty and can carry out both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, which is why it has the “F/A” designation for “fighter” and “attack.” “The F/A-18 Hornet was also the first aircraft to have carbon fiber wings and the first tactical jet fighter to use digital fly-by-wire flight controls,” Boeing says. “Variants included a two-seater, an improved fighter, a reconnaissance aircraft and a night-attack fighter.” Posted by user @cyberglennax, the video clip has generated some comments and opinions. “Makes it look easy!” shouts out @rocco06260. “Me tilting my phone all over trying to get different angles of the landing,” writes commenter @jasonsbussell. “The thing about landing on a carrier,” says @kloomer, “You don’t have to worry about power lines and trees on approach.” “A gnat landing on a fly in motion!” exclaims @dubs312. “Top gun!” “Veteran here,” remarks @rickangel576 as you can almost see him holding up his hand to be noticed. “I want a ride.” “Skills,” notes @1968cougar. “God bless and keep those that have them at that level. They are our warriors, front line, and protectors.” “I feel the need,” quotes 2joeyjoe577. “The need for speed.” Recommended for you

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