However, technology has certainly come a long way in the last 25 years. Smart homes are ever-evolving and automation of everyday tasks, such as cleaning, is becoming more commonplace. I would wager that most people are familiar with the vacuum-capable robots that tirelessly clean your floors day and night. While these machines are still out of reach for many consumers, their usage is growing steadily. Looking to the near future, what else can we expect to see in terms of robotic home automation? There are many emerging technologies and startup businesses looking to satiate our growing appetite for robotic servants and personal assistants by making them more affordable. In the rest of this article, we will look at some of the most exciting technologies coming soon to a home near you.

1. Walker (Ubtech)

Walker is the premier intelligent humanoid service robot by Ubtech. With two legs, this robot is capable to navigate most terrain found in a home, including stairs. In addition to being able to walk around and bring you stuff, this robot can entertain families and even complete simple tasks around the house. Another thing that makes this robot extra special is its ability to write, draw, and perform complex tasks like pouring a drink or playing the piano. The price tag is currently not known but this android is certain to fetch a pretty penny. Check out a demo of the amazing Walker in action below:

2. Loomo

Loomo is a Segway-like robot that comes with a tablet face and advanced gyroscopic controls. You can ride/drive it like a Segway but when you step off the machine it comes to life. The makers of Loomo consider this robot more like a sidekick than a personal assistant. However, as the owner, you can talk to Loomo and it will follow you around to help out with many tasks. At just $1,800, Loomo is designed for busy people who are always on the go. Here’s a video of Loomo in action:

3. Aibo (Sony)

Aibo is Sony’s hyper-intelligent robotic dog designed for modern family living. If you have ever wanted a pet but live in an area where they are not allowed, then Aibo may be for you. Kid-friendly, smart, and fun to play with, this robot can truly become your best friend. At a retail price of $2900, the Aibo may not be in most people’s budget, however, it delivers comes to realism. Check out a video review showing Aibo’s capabilities:

4. Spot (Boston Dynamics)

Boston Dynamics is famous for pushing the limits of robotics technology. They’ve built robots that are both rugged and lifelike. They have even created robots that are good at supporting troops on the battlefield or even dancing in a music video. Spot is a smaller version of Boston Dynamics’ popular robot dog called Spot Classic. Spot is much better suited to a life at home than the classic version would be. This robot can do many things such as open doors, wash dishes, and even fetch the owner things from another room. Spot also has legs instead of wheels which makes it much more useful in small houses and houses with stairs. Spot is truly revolutionary, however, with a $74,500 retail price this robot will be out of most people’s reach. Check out this video showing Spot in action:

5. Temi

Temi is a mobile, robotic personal assistant that has many features. If you could imagine what it would be like to merge an Alexa-enabled device with a touch screen tablet interface that can also move around the house on its own, then you would have Temi. With a $4,000 price tag, this robot is considered to be one of the most affordable robotic companions on the market today. Check out the video below showing some of Temi’s best features.

6. Stretch RE1

The Stretch RE1 is designed to be both practical and versatile. While it doesn’t look like your typical robot, this machine is all functionality without the fluff. It’s basically a “mobile manipulator” which is essentially a large robotic arm that can help with laundry, clean floors, and furniture, pick up small items and even open drawers. The company’s website states that the Stretch RE1 is “remarkable for its capability, portability, and affordability. With a base price of $17,950, the Stretch RE1 is certainly not a toy. Check out this video of the amazing Stretch RE1 in action:

7. Aido (Ingen Dynamic)

Expected to enter the market in the fall of 2021, Aido is promised to truly revolutionize home robotics. This friend robotic assistant is designed specifically to interact with people (including kids) both in the home as well as in retail settings. The reported features include home security, internet connectivity, managing schedules, as well as personal assistant functionality. Aido is designed to be much more than an appliance. The company states that they intend to create a true companion at an affordable price of $1200. Check out Ingen Dynamic’s teaser video showcasing Aido’s features.

8. Asus Zenbo

The Asus Zenbo is a medium-sized mobile companion designed to entertain and assist its human companions. This robot can learn, adapt, and even have conversations with you. The Zenbo also integrates with most existing smart home technologies. This ET-looking robot is also great for kids but will set you back at least $599 which will make this a great entry-level device for any family’s home. Check out the live demo of the Asus Zenbo in action:

9. Ebo

Ebo is a tiny mouse-looking robot that is designed to interact with your pets (specifically cats). It has many built-in features including a camera that allows you to see your pets at any time. Ebo has pet facial recognition technology and even learns how to interact with them. Designed with toughness in mind, Ebo is able to withstand most things that your pet would throw at it. The Ebo is currently priced at less than $300. See the video of Ebo in action below:

10. Lynx (Ubtech Robotics)

This robot features dance and workout modes and is essentially design to help entertain you and your kids. At $800 this small android comes with a large price tag. Here’s a video showcasing some of Lynx’s best features:

11. Nabot AI (Ximpatico)

This robot is small but versatile. You can teach it to do many things such as vacuuming, mopping, and even picking up small items that are cluttering up a room. One Youtube video even showed the Nabot AI playing with your pets. Another cool feature of the Nabot AI is that it has both autonomous and remote-controlled modes allowing you to teach it things directly by controlling it. Coming in at less than $300, the Nabot AI is likely to be a great first robot for your home. A video showing the Nabot AI in action is below:

12. Budgee (5 Element Robotics)

Budgee is another personal assistant robot that you can buy today. However, Budgee comes with one major difference when compared to other personal assistants such as Aido or Temi. Budgee is actually designed to act as an extra set of hands and carry things for you. With this feature, Budgee can help you around the house or when you are out shopping. This robot is basically an intelligent, motorized, hand cart. At $200, this helper bot is sure to pay for itself with only a few uses. Watch Budgee in action below: This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. © 2021 Christopher Wanamaker

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