One of the great cities over the past centuries has been London, which was the seat of the British Empire and the archetype modern metropolis. It has always been a city where history and contemporary life intermingle, a hub known for fashion, finance, and culture. This TikTok video by @historycolored gives us a new look at the UK’s capital in the Victorian Era. This video has brought out some interesting insights by commenters. “Fantastic video M! I’d love to go back to that time and just watch people. Imagine if there was a time portal,” remarked kazzbo. “Hard to think that all those people are gone but the clock is still there,” noted scott42250. Intelligentz mentioned, “everyone is looking almost identical.” This video looks amazing and is a fantastic restoration of what might be one of the oldest existing films of London. The dress is very Victorian, especially with the working men in bowlers. It’s also interesting to see that the double-decker “buses” existed then, only they were pulled by horses and had fewer seats.