Some similarities and considerable differences exist between these two operating systems, along with their pros and cons. If you want to know about the differences between these two platforms, keep reading this article.

Mac Operating System

macOS is an operating system that has been around since 1986. It was designed by Apple Incorporation based on the Unix operating system. It is a series of proprietary graphical operating systems designed only for Apple mac computers. Earlier known as Mac OS X and later OS X, macOS is the 2nd most used OS in personal computers. Developed using C, C++, assembly language, Objective-C, and Swift, macOS comes pre-installed on all Macs (Macintosh computers). Its first desktop version was launched on March 24, 2001. While using this operating system, you’re not forced to use Safari as you can use the Google Chrome browser.

Linux Operating System

Linux is an open-source operating system first released by Linus Torvalds on September 17, 1991. Since it is distributed by an open-source license, you can use it however you wish. The most considerable thing about Linux is that it has many distros. Widely used ones include Ubuntu Studio, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Fedora. Developed in assembly and C language, Linux is often administered completely from the command line. The Linux kernel-based Android OS on smartphones is a feature that makes Linux the largest installed general-purpose operating system.

macOS Vs Linux – 7 Considerable Factors

The following are some parameters to differentiate between Linux and Mac operating systems. Take these parameters for decision-making; however, the operating system you decide to use is based on your specific choices and preferences. 

1- Usage

Since macOS is not open-source, it can only be used for Apple computers or Macintosh series computers. But, unlike Linux, macOS is quite user-friendly and simple; checking email and browsing the internet, for example. It is a proprietary graphical OS with an all-inclusive set of beautifully designed applications.   Linux is a hassle-free OS used in a wide variety of devices such as home appliances, computers, and cars. It is also used as a server providing an open-source platform to run an extensive range of applications. For business purposes, it is often beneficial to use Linux because 20 Linux systems will have 20 different distributions installed. 

2- Cost

Linux OS can be installed on as many laptops and computers as you want without paying extra for server licensing or software. However, as macOS is important for Mac devices, users are required to purchase a Mac to use the OS. Moreover, Mac computers are comparatively very expensive.

3- Uninstalling Apps

macOS is superior in this aspect, as installing and uninstalling programs and apps is a seamless experience. A program on Mac can be uninstalled using Trash, a Native Uninstaller, CleanMyMac X, or Launchpad. You may explore macOS to know more about app uninstallation. Comparing this to Linux, users get even more technical experience. Before installing it with a graphical interface, it requires installation from a command line. An average user walks through some problems while uninstalling programs using the Ubuntu software center, command line, and/or graphical way.  

4- Hardware Choices

When it comes to hardware quality, macOS is considered the best for providing excellent performance all across the market. But, in terms of compatibility, it cannot be installed anywhere as it is Apple-exclusive. Given that Linux is open-source, you’re free to install it on any computer with any configuration. The hardware quality completely relies on the kind of distro you’re selecting. To ensure smooth running, it is necessary to choose the right distro based on your computer.

5- Security

A lot of people trust Linux as a secure platform. There are many adware and malware targeting macOS. However, Linux also has some vulnerabilities, but these can be prevented with regular updates provided by Linux distributions.

6- Software Compatibility

Being the second most popular operating system, macOS is compatible with many programs. However, earlier Linux was not good in this regard, but the latest distros, including Ubuntu, have started to provide software compatibility.

7- Reliability

Linux is a more reliable operating system than Mac because it provides more control of its platform to the users. You can do whatever you like. macOS does not provide complete control to make things easier for users and improve their experience.

The Conclusion

macOS has 9.54% of the market share. However, Linux has comparatively less market share with 2.35% approx. Now that you have known the market share and differences between these two operating systems, decide which one you choose. Whatever you select, just ensure it suits your budget and personal/professional needs.