However, you must remember that the rules of the game are not what they once were. Quirky and funny videos don’t cut it like they used to. Many YouTubers now have entire production teams behind them helping with shooting, scripting and editing. And while you definitely don’t need all this to make it big on the platform, it can help to know what you should avoid. In a recent TikTok, content creator Katie Steckly (@katiesteckly) explained a common mistake YouTubers make that leads to fewer views and a hack that can help them fix it. This is a good point to know for people who are starting out and for people who have been in the game for a while. According to Steckly, editing your footage together in chronological order can be a huge reason why you’re views are low. While it makes sense to the creator, it may bore the viewers because instead of reading as a story, the video reads as a daily log. Steckly said creators can use the “but/therefore” rule, coined by the creators of South Park, to determine if they are making this mistake. “People want dynamics and a little bit of choas! So I totally understand this. [Videos that are] too clean cut become predictable,” TikTok user @itscauseshesagemini commented under the video. You want your viewers to stay interested throughout your whole video. Try this rule and see if there’s a difference in your viewer count.