Of course, not all solutions fulfill basic needs or solve a massive problem. Some we’ve seen are both fun and practical, and who doesn’t love that? Tiktok user @thecreationcircus has shown how to level up social hosting with a clever way to dispense a party staple - and minimize any awkward situations between guests. First of all, anyone who has multiple options for solo cups is truly offering the best for their guests. Now, add to that the 3-D printed dispensers to heighten the presentation, along with the built-in pen holder, and you are leading the pack for event of the season. Honestly, if we don’t see this setup in the “premium hospitality” tents at future music festivals or other major events, someone isn’t offering the best for their clientele.  This solution to help people differentiate their cups at parties has gotten a lot of positive feedback - along with some new customers for the original poster. Ritchie Willoughby said, “Great idea You’re going to make bank on these.” “I write the note ‘write your name on your cup’ on napkin, with a sharpie right next to it. I need an upgrade, I need this LOL,” wrote Kitty and Vei. Michael Sharks Rocha sees this solving another common problem, “Finally we are gonna figure out who wastes all this liquor!!!!”