It looks like those problems may have been solved, thanks to a gadget shared on TikTok by @skipperfilms. This device takes the iPad and creates a laptop-like experience for users to do all sorts of things. It’s so easy to get started! How cool is that? People are loving the feel of the old MacBooks that harken back to some favorite movies and TV growing up. @jippsee said, “I don’t even have an iPad, but now I want one so I can get this and live out my Elle Woods moment.” Vixyann exclaimed, “Omg, my zoey 101 dreams relived!” Even Caitlyn Storey admitted, “Omg my childhood dreams have come true! I want a pink one!”  This device could be a game-changer for people who want to combine the flexibility of using a tablet with the utility of a traditional laptop setup. And yes, the magnets are safe to with the computer hardware, so don’t worry about erasing things like on an old floppy disk or other memory-storage devices.